My 5 take-home messages from RSPH Youth Health Movement workshop

I had the pleasure of attending the Royal Society for Public Health Youth Health Movement workshop on Saturday 11th February in London.  The workshop brought together young people aged 14-24 to discuss ‘what health issues are facing young people today?’ I thoroughly enjoyed discussing these issues with others and brainstorming potential policy recommendations.

My 5 takeaway points from the workshop…

  1. Rebrand – Youth Health Movement is currently being re-branded to something very new and exciting! Watch this space…
  2. Body confidence – this was a recurring theme that was mentioned throughout every session as it impacts mental health, relationship with drug use and self-esteem.
  3. Social media – It was agreed that social media is both good and bad … whilst is can be a positive and supportive platform for young people, it isn’t without its faults as it provides a medium for bullying.
  4. Diet culture – it was recognised in our freestyle health session that young people are sick of hearing about diets and that they are constantly bombarded with detoxes and slimming pills that all promise the P E R F E C T body.
  5. Education – it was frequently mentioned that schools should be doing so much more to help young people for example, teachers should receive more training on mental health and how to help young people and where to sign-post them to for help.

For more information…

Youth Health Movement – Becoming a Health Champion

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