My take-home messages from The Nutrition Society Student Conference

As part of my role on The Nutrition Society Student Body I assisted in the organisation of The Nutrition Society Student Conference. I had the pleasure of attending the conference from the 7-8th September at the University of Reading.
It was a great experience to be involved hands-on during the conference and also listen to some very interesting talks.

Day 1 highlights
– Professor Julie Lovegrove summarised for us that over the last 2-3 years the media stories regarding fat/butter have turned positive.
– Philip Calder reminded us that we have an increasingly aging population in the UK and the ‘anti-inflammatory’ diet is no different to the standard healthy eating/diet recommendations.
– Vince Stevenson gave some practical advice for public speaking; practice breathing for 5-10 minutes a day.
– Dr Ada Garcia informed us about the novel approach of ‘baby-led’ weaning practices and how more research needs to be done in this area.
– I was overwhelmed by the quality of the original communications from the long oral presentations down to the lightning fast 2-minute talks and also learned a little about various topics in nutrition I’ve never looked into.

Day 2 highlights
– Penny Hunking provided a useful insight into her freelance career as a Nutritionist and some of her top tips included to be patient – building your network and connections takes time.
– Professor Bob Rastall explained that more information/research is needed on the function of probiotics in the gut before altering national dietary guidelines regarding their consumption.
– Mark Hollingsworth gave advice on job interviews ‘it’s important to ask about the company culture and take a job that’s the right fit for you’.
– Dr Danielle McCarthy gave advice on writing your CV, to make sure it is targeted to your audience.
– Anna Wheeler emphasised the importance of Registered (Associate) Nutritionists ANutr/RNutr having a presence on social media.

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