My 5 take-home messages from the HBC Summit

Last Saturday I have the privilege of attending the Health Bloggers Community (HBC) Summit in London. I attended panels and workshops and got to meet fellow bloggers and of course, try some cool food. For anyone that couldn’t attend I’ve summarised my 5 takeaway points from the event. Also, HBC is hosting another event on Bloggers & Brands in June, tickets available here.

  1. Collaborate – Laura Thomas said if you want guaranteed evidence-based nutrition information you need to work with those with credentials. For example, Doctors (MD), Dietitians (RD) and Registered Nutritionists (ANutr/RNutr). I’d love to do more collaborative work with other bloggers, if you’re interested drop me an email. 
  2. Nutribabble – Anthony Warner (a.k.a. Angry Chef) reiterated that you have to blog responsibly. For example, ‘superfood’ is a marketing term not an evidence-based health claim! 
  3. Brands – Whilst I don’t work with any brands at the moment, Hazel Wallace (a.k.a The Food Medic) gave some great advice if you do/want to… Find a brand you genuinely use and love. She also encouraged long-term brand collaborations to develop a relationship with a brand as opposed to a one off Insta post. 
  4. Marketing – Fran (Healthy Fit Fran) told us to think of your Instagram profile as your online CV to showcase yourself. The other top tip was to know how to describe yourself in 3 words!
  5. The reality check effect – Fab (Fab Giovanetti) encouraged us to be genuine, to show our good & bad days. It’s all about keeping it real. 

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