Creamy Salmon Pasta

After listening to the British Nutrition Foundations webinar on fish yesterday I decided to share one of my favourite salmon pasta recipes. For this recipe I use frozen salmon and green beans, both are easy to prepare and cheaper than buying fresh.

Ingredients (serves 1)

Frozen salmon fillet

Handful of green beans

Wholemeal pasta

Cream cheese, 2 large heaped tablespoons

Lemon, squeeze to taste

Half chilli, deseeded (optional)


Wrap the salmon fillet and green beans in tinfoil, place on a baking tray and cook according to salmon packaged instructions. Boil pasta according to package instructions.

In a bowl mix together cream cheese, lemon juice and chilli (optional).

When salmon is cooked, remove from oven and cut into chunks (remove skin), drain pasta then mix in salmon and green beans followed by lemony (chilli) cream cheese mixture.

Serve immediately with black pepper to taste.

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