5 take-home messages from BNF Fish Webinar

British Nutrition Foundation hosted an online lunchtime seminar on the 11th May on ‘A Plaice for Fish in the Diet?’. BNF is running a series of webinars to celebrate it’s 50th birthday this year. Having hour-long webinars at lunchtime to tune into whilst munching your lunch is great!

  1. Recommendation Vs Intake – At least two portions of 140g of fish a week should be consumed, one of which should be oily. However, only 72% of adults are aware of this recommendation. No age group meets the recommendation but those that are 65+ years have the highest intakes.
  2. Barriers – The most common reason people say they don’t consume fish is the perceived price followed by smell, taste, bones then preparation/cooking. For an easy salmon pasta recipe see here.
  3. Protective – Some cohort studies have shown with increasing fish intake, all-cause mortality decreases (Schwingshackl et al. 2017)
  4. Heart health – Some cohort studies have suggested by consuming 500mg EPA/DHA a day has been linked to a reduced risk of Coronary Heart Disease by 40% (Calder 2017).
  5. Pregnancy – There are no limits for white fish intake during pregnancy, however, due to toxicity reasons marlin, shark and swordfish need to be avoided.


BNF – A Plaice for Fish in the Diet

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